The Cane  


This example would have been carried by a very well to do gentleman in the mid-19th century, not only used for style when walking, but also for protections from thieves and muggers down dark alleyways and around London. The cane comes apart in 2 pieces as shown and is in wonderful condition considering its age and obvious use.


A rare and quite special example of a 19th Century folk art English gentleman’s walking cane with a hidden surprise. Made from a single piece of ebonised cane, with metal tip. The shaft is quite special and rare as it’s made from African originated natural horn material which has been carved into the head of Dr Syntax.

Who is the world’s first cartoon character, the ultimate ancestor of everyone from Superman to Popeye?

It is generally agreed that the honour goes to Dr Syntax, created by the artist Thomas Rowlandson and the writer William Combe in 1809. The direct inspiration for Syntax was a skeletal priest, the Reverend Ralph Baron, whom Rowlandson had seen deliver a dull sermon in St Breward’s Church in Cornwall. Baron was a thin, old, shrivelled-up walking corpse – so thin and so shrivelled it was as though there was not a drop of blood running in his veins. It was as if his bones were his flesh. He had a jutting chin, and a prominent nose, and with just a tiny amount of caricature from Rowlandson his profile would be a crescent moon.

To this appearance, Rowlandson added the traits of a cleric and schoolmaster called William Gilpin, famous for travelling around the country, and making notes about the picturesque scenes he encountered.  So, Rowlandson created a picturesque tour of his own, showing Syntax suffering all sorts of mishaps along the way: held up by thieves, chased by a bull, falling into a river. Rowlandson produced one or two pictures a month showing such misadventures, which were passed to Combe, who was then in debtors’ prison. Combe provided a poetic commentary, for publication in The Poetical Magazine.

Dimensions in inches: H 32” x W 1.25” x D 1.5”

Age: Mid-19th Century

Origin: English

Condition: Aged

Item Condition

Aged wear and tear across all the surfaces due to obvious use over the years. Areas of worn surface include loss of detail on the hand carved shaft section, a light split to the metal tip. This item is close to 150 years old so please expect natural and small imperfections as shown. With a lovely natural deep patina across all surfaces.  Natural aged wooden cracks across the surfaces, Firm in form and in one piece.

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© The House Of Antiques 2016 - 2022
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