Jeu de Massacre (SOLD)


Jeu de Massacre

A super rare and authentic fairground antique in our store, this holds a nostalgic yet thought provoking presence. The item is carved and painted to depict a person of ethnic origin, back in the days when people of ethnic origin and white skinned were separated by law and a lack of social acceptance.


Antique Fairground French Jeu de Massacre knock down game statue (RARE)


For sale is an antique and rare Black Jeu de massacre, This item is hand carved and has been repeatedly painted over the years to keep it up to date and visually stimulating. The statue is made up of 2 hand carved old wooden sections which are joined together as shown in the photos provided.

A super rare and authentic fairground antique in our store, this holds a nostalgic yet thought provoking presence. The item is carved and painted to depict a person of ethnic origin, back in the days when people of ethnic origin and white skinned were separated by law and a lack of social acceptance.

The Encyclopaedia of Traditional British Rural Sports calls the origins of the skittle-like game Aunt Sally “obscure,” but offers several possibilities for its mysterious name. “Sally” is a dialect word for “hare,” and throwing-sticks were sometimes used to hunt hares in the 19th century. A more likely explanation is that “sally” means to pitch forward, and “aunt” is a reference to the vaguely feminine shape of the target. The French name is the far more evocative Wholesale Slaughter (“jeu de massacre”), which is just plan odd.


This is an antique piece of fairground history and therefore has long gone worm holes, Dents of the face (broken nose) and other facial parts (view all photos for the detail on this please) The item has been painted a number of times over the years, and is faded in colour. The item is fully self-supporting as a structure and although made up of two sections of wood is structurally secure and not broken.

Size: H 16” x W 7” x D 4”

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